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We Can Help You Keep Your Home! can provide valuable assistance when your house is being foreclosed or you are living in fear of foreclosure.

  • We work directly with your mortgage holder to stop harassing phone calls.

  • If there is a pending foreclosure sale date, our first goal is to have the foreclosure postponed so that we can examine your situation and develop a custom plan for you.

  • We have access to private, non-qualifying money and loans with which you can refinance your home.

  • If a lender is willing to set up a payment plan for back payments owed on your mortgage, we can set up that plan for you.

  • Often people find that what is owed on their property is greater than the amount for which it can be sold. If this happens to you, we can work with your lender to see if they will take less than what is owed to pay off the property.

    You never pay a dime to until we arrive at a mutually agreed upon solution.

  • If you're in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, complete our Emergency Help Form now and let us help you keep your home!

  • Sometimes the only solution is to walk away from a house. Our cash for keys program can let you do that with dignity and money in your pocket. Our referral program can put you in touch with someone who may be willing to give you cash for your keys today.

  • We have a network of affiliated associates who may be willing to buy your house on the spot. Such a sale can free you from the burden of facing a foreclosure. It may allow you to downsize to a more affordable home and leave you with the money for vacations and other activities.

  • We can help you sell your house and then turn around and buy another that is financed by the owner. We can help you do this even if you have credit issues.

Complete our Emergency Help Form to Keep Your Home & Avoid Foreclosure! Complete our Seller Questionnaire to Sell Your House & Avoid Foreclosure!

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2700 Braselton Highway
Suite 10-283
Dacula, GA 30019
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(770) 904-2508 ext 2

Avoid Foreclosure, Save Your Home!
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"Cash Homebuyers always maintained a professional manner, combined with kindness and courtesy that saved me from facing foreclosure just in time!"

Sharon C.

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